Dear supporters of Abide,

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Abide Family Center has been operating for a year and a half. What a year and a half it has been.

76 families served. 268 children in their families, instead of orphanages.

79% of the businesses we’ve started have been successful.

23 families have been kept from living on the street by moving into our emergency housing.

17 babies have been deemed HIV- because of the formula we can provide.

Over 20 Ugandan staff hired.

60 Ugandan pastors mobilized.

We are raising up a new movement of people that say Ugandan children deserve families. That say poverty should NEVER be the reason a child is raised by an orphanage.

Our programs are working. And all over Uganda people are saying we need more of this. One orphanage director said, “We need an Abide in every district”.

But here’s the problem. We rely on donors just like you to allow our organization to run. We are so thankful for the generous donors who have supported us so far. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough income each month to keep us functioning as we need to.

As of March 1st we have stopped taking new referrals and will not start taking on new clients until our funding is more secure.

We have decided that if we cannot raise our operating costs in committed monthly donors (family sponsorships, corporate partners and monthly church support) by July 1st we will be forced to consider closing our doors.

Right now we bring in $3500 a month in monthly donors. We need $10,000 a month to give our families the care they need and deserve.

We believe so strongly in the work that we do. We believe it is God’s heart to see families restored and thriving. We believe Uganda deserves better for their children.

Would you join us in this fight and consider becoming a monthly donor today?

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